Why did WordPress 6.1 choose ReactJS?

Why did WordPress 6.1 choose ReactJS?

WordPress and React are two popular web development technologies that serve different purposes. WordPress is a website content management system (CMS), whereas React is a JavaScript toolkit for generating user interfaces (UIs).

Although both WordPress and React have benefits and drawbacks, it is important to comprehend the project's specific use case and objectives before selecting one over the other.

WordPress 6.1 with ReactJS

WordPress, the popular Content Management System (CMS), allows you to create websites ranging from simple to complex. It continues to provide version upgrades regularly, and by the end of 2022, WordPress 6.1 will be available for purchase.

It enables the usage of ReactJS as the frontend technology with WordPress as the backend platform. You're probably asking why ReactJS.

Why was ReactJS selected for WordPress 6.1?

An open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces is called ReactJS. The advantage of this library is that its elements may be used rapidly, saving time and effort.

WordPress Development Services favor ReactJS because it allows for greater flexibility when developing a WordPress website. It employs virtual DOM, which speeds up the upgrade process significantly over refreshing the browser DOM.

Businesses may now have a WordPress website while still enjoying the benefits of ReactJS.

Benefits of ReactJS in WordPress Website Development

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library that we may use to create user interfaces. React.js is well-suited to online and mobile apps. Another benefit of this library is that it has numerous established pieces that we can utilize right away, saving us several hours of design time. React.js is being used as a bookshop by the most popular online sites, like BBC, Airbnb, Netflix, Dropbox, and many more. React.js will enable us to create higher-order web apps with less code.

WordPress Development Services is the most popular and easiest way to build a website, online application, or blog. Plugins are also used to change websites and introduce new features. Many webmasters, for example, utilize marketing plugins with numerous marketing features and functions. As a result, WordPress powers 40.0% of all websites on the Internet.

React.js is a popular choice among WordPress developers since it provides them more freedom when creating WordPress websites. React.js takes the novel step of employing Virtual DOM for this purpose. A virtual DOM can be defined as a memory representation of the DOM. When you update a view, React updates the Virtual DOM, which is substantially quicker than changing the browser DOM.

Reuse of Code Components

For example, it is a free and open-source JavaScript library with a graphical user interface. It is intended to make UI chores more efficient and precise. ReactJS allows you to reuse previously generated components in different platforms that use the same function. ReactJS is the ideal library for acquiring precision. ReactJS enables you to begin constructing the application with little programming skills.

Faster Speed

Because of its rapid rendering of WordPress Development Services, any skilled WordPress front-end developer favors ReactJS. ReactJS streamlines the entire website structure authoring process. Furthermore, this JavaScript module makes it simple to express many functions. The REDUX can re-render the page's essential components.

Differentiation in Presentation and Data Separation

Web developers lose vital data while rendering. However, with ReactJS, professionals may temporarily preserve this critical data in React State. Developers may transmit all data to REDUX via the REST API. Whereas ReactJS aids in the complete separation and display of these facts.

Simple “Framework”

Hire WordPress Developer who believes that utilizing ReactJS syntax is simpler than using any other framework. JSX is a fantastic hybrid of JavaScript and HTML. The structure is straightforward. Basic programming skills are required to create a web application.


So, there you have it. Some may be known to you, while others may be completely new to you. Keep these WordPress Website Development trends in mind while creating a new website or updating an old one. Make use of them to increase your online visibility and consumer experience. If you are building a WordPress site, you should consider using a WordPress hosting company. You may save time by accessing your WordPress dashboard from your account.

You could also work with a WordPress development company to include these trends and create a website that is ready for the market. Hire WordPress Developer from Shiv Technolabs to maintain the developed website effectively and efficiently. They may do this by writing quality code, utilising plugins, and adhering to best practises to increase the efficiency and performance of your website.